Email personalization and customer relationship: the #1 email trend

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In 2022, email marketing generated nearly 11 billion dollars in revenue worldwide. In the age of omnichannel marketing, all statistics prove that email remains one of the most effective channels in your marketing strategy in 2023. Email personalization, on the other hand, takes the lead in this strategy.

This is neither a surprise nor a novelty, but it is a trend that establishes itself as a marketing essential every year. And email is no exception! Email personalization is now THE mode of communication to adopt when addressing your audience.

Why? Because it allows you to:

  • Capture your target audience’s attention and make them feel unique.
  • Build a genuine trust relationship with your community.
  • Enhance the quality of your interactions and meet your clients’ needs effectively.

In short, personalizing your emails is the best way to improve your client strategy and your marketing performance. We’ll reveal in detail all the secrets for optimal personalization of your campaigns.

Personnalisation de l’email et relation client : le duo gagnant

Each of your customers is unique. The emails they receive should be just as unique!

Understanding and knowing your audience for better email personalization

According to a study by McKinsey and Company, the issue of personalization has reached a new milestone since the period of the health crisis. Now is the time for ultra-personalization: 71% of consumers expect brands to offer them a personalized experience, and 76% of them are more inclined to buy from brands that adopt such a strategy.

The same goes for email. According to HubSpot’s Ultimate List of Email Marketing Stats, the most effective strategies for email campaigns are segmentation (78%) and personalization (72%), with the two being closely intertwined. The study conducted by Mailchimp tells us that a personalized email can increase your open rate by 82% and your sales by 56%!

All of these statistics help us better understand what the term “personalization” implies. It means that brands need to put themselves in their consumers’ shoes in order to:

  • Understand and anticipate what they can expect from it
  • Know their behaviors, journey, and purchase history
  • Build individualized relationships and interactions
  • Provide the best possible support for the customer in their relationship with the brand throughout their journey

If this trend of personalization had already been identified for many years, this article by Pierre de la Boulay, Associate Director at McKinsey in the Paris office and published in LSA, shows that the challenge is now to implement “mass ultra-personalization.

Email personalization beyond data

All the data collected on consumers, therefore, forms the foundation of personalization. But the level of personalization now expected in email goes far beyond the basics like having a first name, last name, or address.

To achieve delivering relevant offers and generating meaningful engagement, it is now necessary to utilize and analyze the collected data to better understand:

  • Where your customers live: useful for promoting local offers, providing contextualized information, adapting to local customs, events, and calendars (especially for international markets).
  • The purchasing behaviors of each of them: when do they make the most purchases during the year? What types of offers or product categories are they sensitive to? Are they responsive to promotions? What products have they already purchased? What are their preferences?
  • The psychology of each of your consumers: do they make impulsive purchases or do they need time to research? What types of content interest them the most? How sensitive are they to customer reviews? Are they loyal or volatile customers? …
Discover how, with the help of Dartagnan, Back Market enriched its customer relationship through its email strategy.

Keys to Creating Impactful Personalized Email Campaigns

Carefully craft your automation scenarios

Interagir de manière pertinente avec sa cible implique d’être en mesure de communiquer avec elle sur le bon message et au bon moment. Pour cela, vous devrez vous appuyer sur une segmentation la plus fine possible de votre base de données mais aussi sur une scénarisation précise de vos parcours clients.

Interacting meaningfully with your target audience involves being able to communicate with them with the right message at the right time. To do this, you will need to rely on the most refined segmentation of your database and also precisely script your customer journeys.

Personnalisation email
Welcome Email for Lacoste Club Members

Among them, pay special attention to your transactional emails, which should be personalized as well:

  • Welcome emails
  • Birthday emails
  • Abandoned carts
  • Account creation
  • Order confirmation and tracking

These classics of the genre are also the sequences that can generate the most engagement and differentiate you from your competitors when well-designed.

Personnalisation email
Loyalty Account Follow-up Email
Customer Case: custom triggers made by Dartagnan – the mechanics of Alltricks’ success

Insert dynamic content blocks in your emails

Personnalisation email
Offer tailored to purchase history

What is called dynamic content is content that changes based on the email recipient and can vary depending on various parameters:

  • Integration of a countdown timer
  • Offers conditioned based on the recipient, weather, stocks, or purchase history
  • Promotions tailored to the geographical location
  • Price updates based on the time of opening
Personnalisation email - Orange situation géographique

Dynamic content ensures real-time, contextual, and customer journey-adapted communication. In short, it is one of the most impactful levers for personalization.

Email Personalization: Create “Tailored” Emails

When you have control over your customer data, don’t hesitate to use all the features of your email building solution and all the resources of your brand identity to <strong>personalize the email in its content as well as in its design.

  • The tone and copywriting of your email
  • Choice of background images
  • Hierarchy of information and offers
Header Tancho Femme
Emailing personnalisé Tancho Homme

Remember that the same campaign can be thought of and implemented differently depending on its destination.

Dartagnan: an email builder that supports your personalization strategy

It is often considered that email personalization is primarily the responsibility of automation and routing solutions. However, the email builder Dartagnan can also support you in personalizing your campaigns.

Create conditional blocks to make your emails more dynamic

Thanks to the Code element in our interface, our clients can input data collected in their CRM tool and thus create conditional blocks. What does this involve? Blocks whose display and content vary depending on the provided data:

  • Promotions that appear or not depending on geographical data
  • Images that vary depending on gender
  • Product offers that are pushed or not based on the customer’s status (loyalty card)
Bloc conditionnel fidélité Natalys
Conditional Loyalty Points Block

Thanks to the Code element and conditional blocks, you can easily create dynamic content and speed up your production processes by significantly reducing the number of campaigns to create!

Use Test Variables to Implement Your Segmentation Strategy

According to the SaleCycle study, the main obstacle for marketers in implementing their segmentation strategy is data integration (for 55% of them).

Our Test Variable feature allows you to integrate variables from all your databases and even visualize the result in real-time!

Variable de tests dans l'email de Cléor

Take Advantage of Dartagnan’s User-Friendly Interface to Streamline Your Processes

The email builder Dartagnan has been designed to allow our clients to create email campaigns in just a few clicks.

Today, the key to campaign performance lies in segmentation: the finer your segmentation, the more personalized and impactful your emails will be for your customers. But segmentation also means the need to produce more email campaigns. This is often where CRM teams face a deadlock: production cannot keep up with segmentation and needs.

Thanks to Dartagnan’s user-friendly interface, you can create, duplicate, and modify your campaigns in minutes, increasing your responsiveness and streamlining your production.

Another way to approach the implementation of your segmentation strategy!

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