The 10 benefits of email marketing to achieve your performance goal

Publié le : 27 September 2023 par Elise Hosemans

Content marketing, social media, email campaigns, online advertising, SEO – SEM, influencer marketing, or events: the channels to develop your marketing strategy are now very numerous. In the age of omnichannel marketing, the question is no longer about choosing one of them but rather orchestrating all these channels and prioritizing them in terms of development, efforts, and budget.

From an ROI and performance perspective, however, one of these channels stands out particularly: email marketing. A cost-effective channel, delivering a very good return on investment and allowing for the creation of rich content, email has carved out a prominent place among all the marketing channels at your disposal.

Today, it has even become the most familiar and widely accepted point of contact for consumers to establish a personalized relationship with their favorite brands. Regardless of your company’s size or industry, investing in email will always remain one of your most reliable business drivers.

What are the advantages of email compared to other marketing channels? Why make it one of your strategic pillars for development? Dartagnan’s experts explore the topic in 10 compelling reasons.

1. Integrate email at the core of your marketing strategies because its ROI is absolutely incredible

All studies prove it; email is the marketing channel with the best ROI. Why? Because it’s cost-effective to produce and yields high returns! In short, it embodies the very essence of ROI.

Unlike paid search advertising, which operates on a cost-per-click basis and can quickly escalate depending on the competition in your market, the cost of an email campaign will always remain fixed, regardless of the number of people targeted.

However, please note that this maxim holds true only if you are capable of internalizing your production and designing your campaigns independently. Indeed, outsourcing the design of your emails to a third-party agency can cost you a significant amount of time and money, exposing you to lengthy and cumbersome validation processes in contrast.

Okay, but how can you create a high-quality email campaign without technical expertise? By using an email builder like Dartagnan, specifically designed to enable you to design cutting-edge campaigns with just a few clicks and without any prior skills in the field.

2. Prioritize email because it is consumers’ preferred marketing channel

Surprisingly, email remains consumers’ preferred marketing channel across all generations. The results of a survey conducted by Sendinblue reveal that the French find email to be ‘convenient,’ ‘useful,’ and ‘easy’ for staying informed about the news, offers, and promotions from their favorite brands and retailers. 

Furthermore, this trend is confirmed in other countries such as England, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

While social media platforms come and go with varying degrees of success among target audiences, email marketing, on the other hand, endures in people’s habits and reaches anyone equipped, at the very least, with a mobile phone and an email inbox. In other words, the vast majority of consumers.

Email Marketing Benefits - Back market
Back Market – Personalized Email
with First Name

3. Take advantage of a digital marketing channel that you have complete control over

The advantage of email marketing is that you own and control your database. What does that mean in practical terms?

In 2022, the average email marketing open rate was 21.5%, a figure that has been steadily evolving thanks to:

  • An increasingly significant mastery of your database
  • Better-targeted segmentation
  • Strict and rigorous consent collection.
Email Marketing Benefits

Let’s do the math: if your database consists of 10,000 subscribers, you can be reasonably certain of reaching, at the very least, 2,150 people.

A number that no search engine or social network can compete with. Furthermore, these performance metrics are guaranteed in email marketing, whereas your visibility and performance are entirely dependent on search engine algorithms or social networks, as well as their often unpredictable and costly visibility-related updates.

4. Get to Know Your Audience Better Through Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing - Westfield
Westfield – enquête client

Your email marketing strategy is your best gateway to understanding and analyzing your customers’ behavior.

  • AB testing of your campaigns
  • Tracking your CTA’s
  • Analysis of your open and click-through rates
  • Customer surveys integrated into your newsletters

Your email campaigns serve as a real testing ground to understand which message and/or product performs best with your audience. Therefore, they are a fantastic tool for optimizing your marketing strategy and accelerating your performance!

5. Speak to an Engaged Audience in a Personalized Manner

If you manage your database correctly, you always target people who know you, are interested, and have consented to receive your offers. It’s a luxury that no other marketing channel can provide you.

But that’s not all. Email is also the only marketing channel that allows you to send personalized messages and offers to consumers en masse.

Email Marketing Benefits - conditional blocks
In Dartagnan, manage your conditional blocks

By facilitating the integration of personalization variables and connecting with your email service provider, Dartagnan allows you to make each of your emails unique. You can personalize your emails with contact information (name, first name, title, etc.), condition blocks based on customer types (subscribed or not, for example), or insert variables to generate abandoned cart reminders. Creating highly personalized emails will give you the opportunity to communicate more relevantly with your customers and create a unique experience for each of them.

The Dartagnan Email Builder enables the brands it supports to create tailor-made, highly targeted campaigns, and increase their conversion rates by up to 26%.

6. Enhance Your Customer Relationship Through Your Email Marketing Strategy

Printemps – Sign-up Email

With a modular Email Design System like Dartagnan’s, you can industrialize the production of your campaigns and therefore, create an infinite variety of them.

The result: the ability for any brand to multiply its production capacity, become more responsive, and reach its customers at every stage of their journey and for any occasion with just a few clicks.

7. Deliver the Right Offers and Messages at the Right Time

By connecting your Email Builder to your routing solution, you can also:

  • Apply your segmentation across all your email journeys and send targeted offers
  • Automate your journeys and save considerable time
  • Automatically optimize your sending times to ensure reaching your target audience at the right moment

Furthermore, thanks to its responsive format, your emails can reach their recipients 24/7 on their preferred tech device: Mobile.

That’s great because Dartagnan ensures 100% compatibility for emails regardless of the display configuration, and it’s the only Email Builder to guarantee such a high level of compatibility.

8. Internalize the Shopping Experience and Boost Your Marketing Performance

Email marketing - Lulli sur la toile
Lulli sur la Toile – Highlight of Their Jeans

The major advantage of email marketing compared to other channels is that email UX has developed so much that it is getting closer and closer to the web experience.

In other words, not only can you align your campaigns with your websites, but you can also internalize the shopping experience right within the email. How?

By leveraging all the features of an email builder like Dartagnan, you can, for example:

  • Deploy your product catalog within your email
  • Allow your customers to personalize their selection
  • Include direct additions to the cart within the email
  • Drive purchases through the management of your CTAs

Conclusion: extremely fast purchase journeys and conversion rates that will outperform your paid marketing strategies! In short, unbeatable email marketing performance!

9. Enhance Your Brand Image Through Your Email Campaigns

Email is also a fabulous showcase for your brand image. An email builder like Dartagnan is capable of fully incorporating and replicating your brand’s visual identity within the email.

GIFs, Videos, Sliders, Hover Effects, Backgrounds, Interactivity: its innovative features also allow you to create even more dynamic, immersive experiences and impress your readers with a simple glance at their inbox.

10. Discover the Right Marketing Pressure Point with Your Audience

How can we explain the success of email, appealing to all demographics, all generations, and all locations?

Perhaps because of its position: neither too impersonal nor too intrusive. Email is, therefore, the channel that allows you to manage marketing pressure on your audience most effectively.

In the end, email is THE marketing channel that synthesizes best marketing practices, across all channels.

  • Enhancement of your brand image
  • Personalization of your communications
  • Targeting your audience
  • Continuous customer relationship

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