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Publié le : 15 December 2022 par Amandine Baptista

In November 2022, HubSpot released its Ultimate List of Email Marketing Stats for 2022, and the numbers speak for themselves: email marketing is your best ally to boost your results and achieve your business goals.

Why? Because when well-designed and properly utilized, email remains one of the best channels for:

  • Establishing rapid, direct, and personalized communication with your customers
  • Showcasing your products and services directly on mobile devices, putting them in the pockets of your customers.
  • Generating purchase actions, enhancing the customer experience, and optimizing your loyalty strategy.

Yes, but… your email marketing strategy will only deliver on its promises if your email builder can keep up!

We’ll explain in three points how to accelerate the performance of your email marketing strategy and why Dartagnan is THE solution that will help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Point 1: Bring the design of your campaigns in-house and reduce your production costs

Le meilleur moyen d’accélérer les performances de votre stratégie emailing, c’est de reprendre la main dessus ! En concevant vos campagnes emailing à l’interne, vous optimisez le ROI déjà stratosphérique de vos emails marketing.

The best way to accelerate the performance of your email marketing strategy is to take control of it! By designing your email campaigns in-house, you optimize the already sky-high ROI of your email marketing.

Email Marketing Strategy: ROI-Boosting Performance!

The magic of email lies in its ROI, making it one of the most profitable marketing channels. In fact, in 2022, email marketing generated $36 in revenue for every $1 invested (a figure that rises to $45 for retail businesses). A real boon for marketing teams who, by the way, are not mistaken:

  • 59% of marketers consider email as the channel with the best ROI, and 73% rate its ROI as ‘very good
  • 80% of teams observe that their email marketing strategy enhances customer loyalty and retention rates

At every stage of the customer journey, email marketing proves to be exceptionally effective!

Designing campaigns in-house to save time and money

While email is indeed the perfect marketing lever for generating sales, it becomes even more profitable when brands are capable of producing their own campaigns.

By bringing the production of your campaigns back in-house, you gain:

  • On production costs, as you no longer need to rely on an external agency for campaign development and integration.
  • On production time, as you save on back-and-forth briefings and corrections.
  • In agility and autonomy, as you have control from design to deployment

Dartagnan: an email builder that accelerates the performance of your email marketing strategy

For your email marketing strategy to deliver on all its promises, your campaigns must be executed perfectly.

At Dartagnan, we have a mission: to democratize the best in email technology and enable you to create high-performing, innovative, and compatible emails without ever having to touch a single line of code!

To ensure that this ease of use is not just a mere promise but a reality, Dartagnan has placed its bet on:

  • A Drag and Drop interface designed and developed to be as intuitive as possible.
  • A Design System that continuously evolves based on customer experience and feedback to meet your needs.
  • Training and support throughout your journey with us to ensure you make the most of our solution

The result? An email solution that enables you to be completely self-sufficient in creating your campaigns! Proof of this can be seen with Grégoire Keunebrock, CRM Manager at Jules:

At Jules, we have an integration process for all the tools we use in the CRM team. Among them, Dartagnan is undoubtedly the easiest tool to get started with. We know that we can place it in the hands of a team member with very little technical knowledge about email, and they will be able to grasp it quickly. And that’s a real added value!

Learn more: Dartagnan, a powerful and easy-to-use tool. Proof with Motoblouz!

Point 2: Industrialize your production and improve your Time to Market

Knowing how to produce your email campaigns on your own is good. Producing many of them is even better! Why? The explanation lies in personalization.

The productivity challenges at the heart of personalization

‘Personalization’ is now the key word in any good marketing strategy. The more personalized your emails are, the more they will resonate with your audience and the more they will convert.

That’s fortunate: 72% of Gen X, 64% of Millennials, and 60% of Gen Z consider email to be the most personalized mode of communication from brands.

Yes, but… When it comes to email personalization, it also means:

  • Precise segmentation
  • Increased campaign volume
  • Consistency in brand messaging and image

Meeting the challenge of personalization in email also means meeting the challenge of productivity. That’s why segmentation and personalization are issues that are addressed primarily during the design and construction of your campaigns.

Dartagnan, the email builder that allows you to personalize your emails and streamline your production

Dartagnan perfectly addresses the challenges of personalization and productivity. The features of our solution indeed enable you to:

  • Duplicate and modify your campaigns in just a few clicks to increase the volume of emails produced, streamline your processes, and adapt to a more refined segmentation strategy
  • Replicate your branding environment to maintain consistency in your messaging and stand out
  • Condition the display of certain elements based on your segments

In summary, and as testified by Cédric Paillé, International CRM Manager at Biotherm, Dartagnan allows you to accelerate your productivity to adapt in real time to the needs and constraints of the various markets you target:

Very quickly, it became apparent that Dartagnan was going to bring us a lot more coherence on the CRM side in general. Dartagnan also provided us with a lot of agility when it comes to localization and translation. For us, it has become an indispensable tool. In a company like Biotherm, we address various international markets. Therefore, we need to export our assets as much as possible. With Dartagnan, this is possible, and we can export our campaigns without worrying about translation.

Learn more: Deploying your email campaigns internationally? L’Oréal did it with the support of Dartagnan.

Point 3: Improve compatibility and optimize performance

No email marketing strategy can deliver on its promise of results if your emails are not read.

Compatibility: the dark side of the force

While compatibility is a strategic issue, it remains a real challenge for CRM teams, even the most experienced ones.

If we take into account:

  • The number of devices on the market
  • The variety of email and webmail clients
  • The number of operating systems in use

Approximately 12,000 different display configurations can be estimated when considering the number of devices on the market, various email and webmail clients, and operating systems in use. In simple terms, an email that doesn’t display properly is an email that doesn’t convert!

Dartagnan: the email builder that ensures compatible emails

Building perfectly responsive emails, everyone talks about it as if it’s obvious, but how many are truly capable of doing it?

At Dartagnan, we looked into this issue and thought that the best way to avoid compatibility problems is to anticipate them. And for that, we provide you with:

  • A Quality Control that adheres to all the standards and best practices necessary to ensure optimal email compatibility across all email clients on the market
  • The ability to test and preview the display of your campaigns on various screen resolutions
  • Configurable fallback content to ensure compatibility even with the most innovative features
  • The expertise of our Device Lab, a laboratory that includes all the most commonly used devices on the market, allowing us to test Dartagnan-made emails on a wide range of configurations

In the end, your performance is not just a story of results. It begins well in advance, right from the conception of your email campaigns. Once you have set the quantifiable objectives you want to achieve for your email marketing strategy, take the time to consider before choosing the solution that will best help you reach them. The market is rich, there are numerous solutions available, and our email builder Dartagnan is always here 😉

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