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Dartagnan x Radio France: Email Design in the Service of Cultural Excellence

Publié le : 25 May 2023 par Amandine Baptista

As a major player in the media and culture industry, Radio France has emerged as one of the leading concert venues in just a few years. With its four music ensembles (two symphony orchestras, a professional choir, a children’s choir, and a 1,460-seat Auditorium), Radio France holds a unique position in the cultural and musical landscape, deploying communication that reflects its demanding and highly creative programming.

To promote the Auditorium’s schedule, the CRM team at Maison de la Radio et de la Musique enlisted the help of Dartagnan to create a dedicated newsletter that had to meet three major challenges:

  • Adhere to their graphic design guidelines to maintain the brand identity 👊
  • Design an elegant, understated, and innovative approach while considering CRM objectives 👊
  • Provide a template flexible enough to handle complex modules autonomously 👊

These challenges were successfully met in this particularly original and elegant email.

👉 The result of this close collaboration between the Dartagnan team and Radio France? A true Masterclass!

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Email: a new playground to interpret the spirit of Radio France

At the heart of this email is the official 2022-2023 brochure of the Auditorium Radio France, which encapsulates its spirit and DNA.

Email Design Newsletter Radio France

💥 With its black background and elegant white typography, we are immediately immersed in the classical and refined universe of the Auditorium.

  • Varied Google Fonts
  • Highlighting artist names and work titles
  • Fine lines of demarcation
  • Clear and well-organized presentation of the agenda dates

One is first struck by Dartagnan’s ability to replicate all the visual elements of Radio France’s brand identity using the native features of its Builder.

Radio France artist portrait.
Radio France artist portrait

💥 To perfectly capture the essence of Radio France’s artistic direction, the email needed to prominently feature the artists.

This was successfully achieved through a photographic kaleidoscope!

Visual for Radio France Culture Newsletter
Diversity of modules

💥 Full-width and two-column modules alternate to create dynamism. The newsletter highlights the portraits of performers, composers, and ensembles with a diverse and creative design approach.

Email Design Culture Illustration de la Newsletter
Illustration by François Olislaeger

💥 The spirit of the Auditorium is also reflected in the illustrations drawn by the talented illustrator François Olislaeger.

They structure the official program, appearing on covers and as separators. To honor this choice, the illustration is featured in the header above the separator banner.

💥 This clever placement also distinguishes the illustration from the rest of the email, preserving its coherence and identity.

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Email Design serving cultural programs

Can we erase complexity to only showcase the virtuosity of the artist and the harmony of the composition? This is the mastery that great masterpieces achieve, and it is also found in the design of this composition.

Design portrait

💥 The email opens with a fragmented portrait of Patricia Petibon, immediately catching the eye. This creative gem from Dartagnan’s design studio could be reproduced using the advanced features of our Builder.

💥 Higher up, the superimposition of the Auditorium’s logo on the illustration of the venue is made possible by the background functionality of the solution. The CRM team at Maison de la Radio et de la Musique executes this perfectly!

Moreover, the use of the background is particularly useful here as it can be changed according to the seasons and programming without affecting the template.

Rotation of sections
Rotation of sections

💥 The alternation of black and white sections creates the classic and elegant layout of the email. Indeed, this compositional choice brings harmony and dynamism to the entire newsletter.

The attention to detail in managing the dark mode is also appreciated by the Radio France team.

Illustration of minimalist content

💥 An additional touch in this email is the minimalist copywriting for effective communication. Similarly, the CTA buttons, simply highlighted by a thin black or white border, demonstrate the same emphasis on simplicity.

Visuel illustration Complexité Email Design

💥 Finally, the “Portrait” module showcases technical virtuosity made possible by Dartagnan’s agility. A new two-column module, with the first column transparent, is superimposed on the background.

The result is a block with an explosive yet coherent design. The dissociation-association approach is a well-chosen strategy to align with the polyphonic style of Part’s work.

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Reconciling CRM goals with cultural initiatives

Do marketing and culture oppose each other? Not if we consider that both are about relationships and transmission.

Thus, the challenge of this email was to live up to the brand image and cultural/artistic ambitions of La Maison de la Musique et de la Radio, without neglecting the CRM objectives associated with this news.

The structural choices made by the CRM team at La Maison de la Radio contribute to nurturing the client relationship.

Navigation bar in the Dartagnan Newsletter

💥 Firstly, the creation of the navigation bar naturally leads the reader to explore all the services of La Maison de la Musique, particularly its website.

Then, the “Coup de Coeur” concert of the season is presented in the first module, distinguishing it from the rest of the annual program to boost reservations.

Following the second module, which features the agenda, the newsletter provides space to showcase other offerings of the Auditorium:

Variété des services dans la Newsletter
The customer services of Maison de la Musique et de la Radio
  • Concerts for Families
  • Vox: the module dedicated to the search for an amateur choir
  • Video portrait of Cécile Agator
  • Replays and podcasts to listen to again
  • Subscriber benefits

💥 Each program is featured in a separate module, highlighting their richness and significance. The activation logic is highly effective, leading the reader to navigate through different communication channels and points of contact with the audience of the Auditorium.

Visual for Radio France Customer Service Email Module

💥 The CRM team at La Maison de la Radio et de la Musique takes the bold bet on scrolling, and it seems to be paying off. The Vox module, although placed in the second part of the email, will also be the most clicked.

It just goes to show that sometimes you have to trust user behavior!

💥 In conclusion, the Auditorium’s newsletter achieves the small feat of combining classic structure with design creativity.

👏 Congratulations, Radio France! Your campaign is already a true classic!

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