Interactive emails: a powerful differentiation lever

Publié le : 23 January 2023 par Amandine Baptista

According to a 2021 study, integrating interactive content into your email campaigns can increase your CTR by 200% and your CTO by 73%. Therefore, interactive emails can be an effective lever to improve the performance of your campaigns and set you apart from your competitors.

✔Better for user experience
✔Better for customer relations
✔Better for your brand image and marketing strategy

Interactive emails are definitely part of the email trends to follow in 2023. However, it’s essential to make good use of these contents! Dartagnan will guide you and provide advice on designing high-performing, attractive, and differentiating interactive emails.

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Why create interactive emails?

When well-designed and effectively utilized, interactive content allows customers to have a unique experience and enables marketing teams to optimize their email marketing strategy.

Interactivity: an innovation in user experience

When a recipient can take action on the content of an email without leaving their inbox, it’s called interactivity.

Changing the color of a button or the size of text by hovering over or clicking on it with a mouse, scrolling through images, expressing an opinion, a preference, adding an item to the cart, customizing a product – these are all examples of interactive content that one can sometimes find in their emails.

Videos, GIFs, or cinemagraphs are more like animations than interactive content per se, but they share with them the ability to:

  • Make the user experience more dynamic
  • Generate engagement, especially through clicks that trigger actions.

These web features integrated into the heart of campaigns represent a true technical innovation that disrupts and enriches the user experience. When well-mastered, they allow you to enhance your brand image and stand out from your competitors.

The benefits of interactive emails

Incorporating interactive content into your emails offers numerous performance advantages.

More engagement! With their innovative, immersive, and dynamic design, interactive emails capture the attention of your recipients and generate greater interest. This benefits your brand image and also increases customer engagement by putting them in an active role.

Several studies have shown that integrating these contents within your emails significantly increases the open and click-through rates.

More conversions! By allowing your recipients to discover and personalize your product and service offerings without leaving their inbox, you significantly shorten the customer journey and increase your chances of converting faster.

More data! By encouraging subscribers to click on content, complete forms, and express their opinions, you also collect more data to better understand their behaviors, preferences, and usage patterns. These valuable insights will enable you to target your future campaigns more effectively.

Using the right interactive content to achieve the right marketing objectives

What interactive content and for what purpose? Before diving into the design of interactive emails, ask yourself what value they bring to your audience and what objectives they enable you to achieve.

1. Videos and GIFs to add dynamism to your interactive emails

Animated content like videos or GIFs not only make your emails more dynamic but also provide a broader showcase for your brand identity. With a touch of storytelling, animated content allows you to enhance and elevate your brand image!

Learn more: Want to incorporate GIFs into your emails? Dartagnan provides you with inspiration!

2. Hover States to capture your audience’s attention on the fly

Hover states are those elements that change size or color when you hover your mouse over them. In emails, they are often used on images or CTAs, and it works:

  • Grabbing attention: check!
  • Encouraging action: check!
  • Highlighting a product: check! Hover states are indeed super powerful!

Carousels to showcase your offerings at the heart of interactive emails

Particularly well-suited for an email environment, the slider allows you to showcase the full range of your offerings within a limited space. With just a few swipes, your recipients can explore your catalog and discover your most enticing offers without leaving the email.

4. Product Personalization and Add To Cart to convert in just a few clicks

If you want to boost your conversion rates, product personalization and the option to add to cart within the email are among the most powerful tools. You provide customers with the opportunity to complete their purchase journey directly within the email, thus boosting your sales cycles.

5. Forms and Surveys to nurture customer relationships

Integrating forms and satisfaction surveys within the email serves a dual purpose:

  • On one hand, it allows you to nurture your customer relationship and, consequently, your trust-based relationship.
  • On the other hand, it enables you to gather valuable information to better understand your audience, their behaviors, and to target their expectations and needs more effectively.

Why turn to Dartagnan for the design of your interactive emails?

At Dartagnan, we are committed to providing you with a cutting-edge solution. When it comes to interactivity, anything is possible for Dartagnan’s teams, but not just anyhow and not at any cost!

With Dartagnan, create the best interactive content for your campaigns

There are several ways to design interactive emails with our Dartagnan Email Builder:

  1. Hover States, video and GIF integration, Slider: our solution provides integrated features that allow you to deploy interactive content within your campaigns with just a few clicks.
  2. Gift Finder, Tap to Reveal, Pop Up appearances, form integration, or countdown timers within the email: if you want to create particularly innovative emails, our teams are also capable of delivering Customized Services based on your requests and needs!

The pitfalls of interactive emails: Dartagnan offers you advice

At Dartagnan, we are driven by our passion for innovation, but we also prioritize customer care. That’s why we provide you with the best advice on the key considerations to adhere to when it comes to interactivity.

Beware of compatibility! Interactive emails are not always compatible with all email clients:

  • Analyze your customer base to ensure that your interactive content is suitable for your target audience.
  • Plan for fallbacks to minimize the degradation of the user experience.

Beware of security! Some interactive content (such as countdowns) can potentially create security vulnerabilities and lead to customer data leaks. It’s essential to be vigilant in this regard.

Mind the UX! Placement, size, and quantity of content: interactivity requires a specific UX approach to optimize the user experience. Our design experts are here to assist you.

It’s easy to be enticed by the innovative, dynamic, or playful aspect of interactivity. However, creating an interactive email often involves technical expertise, time, and resources. In other words, it comes at a cost. To make it profitable, turn to the best agency and the best email solution: choose Dartagnan!

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