How Dartagnan can simplify your international email campaigns

Publié le : 14 October 2018 par Christine Richard

What’s the #1 channel for acquiring and retaining target audiences around the world? Email. For any e-merchant that is banking on international growth, increased agility in the adaptation of email marketing campaigns is a major asset. And that’s just what Dartagnan can help you do…

The new frontier for e-commerce is… the planet. On a global scale, electronic commerce continues to rise by 15% each year, but for cross-border e-commerce (a user who places an order and receives a shipment via a “foreign” website), that number goes up to 25% per year! According to Forrester, almost one out of every five online sales are border-jumpers.

In other words, this is the strongest locus for growth going forward. And, in order to internationalize, retailers and pure players need effective, reliable tools… in all the countries where they want to operate in the future.

Email: The e-merchant’s global weapon

Naturally, e-trading around the world means translating your website and being able to ship your products abroad… but also being able to conquer, retain and engage your customers, wherever they may be. Whether your cyber-shoppers are connecting from Paris, New York, Hong Kong or Sidney, the most effective marketing medium remains email. 

Our clients, who include some of the biggest players in e-commerce, understand this. Very early on, they asked us to design their campaigns, not only for the French (or French-speaking) market, but also for all of their target audiences.

Dartagnan: Already global

As a result, there are currently some 15 clients (many, but not all of them, based in France) using Dartagnan to adapt their email campaigns for all of the countries where they operate: 

  • major players in tourism, like Club Med, Evaneos and Pierre & Vacances
  • retailers such as Kiabi, MATY and Chantelle
  • pure players the likes of Showroomprivé
  • restaurant chains like Sushi Shop,
  • and more…

The advantages of a global email builder

What were the reasons for this choice? An email builder like Dartagnan provides a response that meets those brands’ esthetic and technical quality standards.

It simplifies the lives of their CRM teams and accelerates the adaptation of email campaigns for the countries where our clients do business. And it all starts with translation: from one language to another, the same CTA will need different dimensions, different descriptions of the same “chaser” product in the block provided for that purpose, and so on.

All of those little adjustments are time-consuming, but essential. Because it is intuitive and designed for marketers, Dartagnan can apply them in just a few moments.

Dartagnan, l'email builder pour le e-commerce international

Ensure coherent messaging across all of your markets

One of the major challenges for advertisers is control over their communications charter (graphic, editorial, etc.). And this is true for every territory where they operate.

In Dartagnan, every module is built on the basis of:

  • the brand’s graphic charter
  • the different components of the emails designed by your CRM teams (header, top menu, hero or secondary special offer module, footer, reassurance elements, etc.).

With Dartagnan, the “ingredients” of a campaign designed, for example, for the French market can be reused by your British, German, Chinese, American and other teams. They are all the same modules, merely translated and adapted. This means everything stays compliant, consistent and coherent.

Email pour une vente flash Alice's Garden, en version française
The same elements, arranged differently, depending on the country: with Dartagnan, Alice’s Garden can run the same flash sale campaign in both France and Spain.

Email pour une vente flash Alice's Garden, en version espagnole

Thanks to our integrations, Dartagnan allows you to industrialize your adaptations

From one country to the next, the same campaign may offer widely varying pricing, availability, legal notices, and so on.

Dartagnan can handle the integration of content management flows. This allows your teams to “call” the right flow to the right part of an email. It means a lower risk of error, a larger quantity of valid information and, in the end, less time wasted.

As a result, your country teams are more agile and responsive and are able to focus on those duties where they can contribute the highest added value: curating the right messages, suited to their local clientele.

You have more time to apply the most important localizations

Rather than re-creating the same campaign from scratch, here, you don’t have to start over from the beginning. And you will have the time to make the adjustments that will really make a difference. This is absolutely crucial, because rolling out an international email program is not “just” about translating your messages into multiple languages. It’s also about localizing them, in consideration of the local customs and cultural preferences, contextualizing the offers, etc.

For example, if you are running the same campaign in France and Spain, might not a particular offer or secondary product be better suited to the consumer patterns of the French or the Spanish? A given payment or shipping option that is the preferred choice in France might not be the most appropriate on the other side of the Pyrenees, and so on. Overall brand consistency with locally relevant deals: this is what an agile tool like Dartagnan has to offer.

Exemple d'email Alice's Garden, pour la France

Exemple d'email Alice's Garden, pour le Royaume-Uni
The same creative concept and the same promises, but with different products: Dartagnan’s email builder lets Alice’s Garden refine its product proposals, country by country.

Dartagnan: An interface with a global calling

Made in (the north of) France, but never intended to be confined to its native country, Dartagnan’s interface has long been accessible in two languages (French and English). It has just been translated into Japanese, and German and Spanish versions are already in the pipeline.

Your emails, read in any language (and any direction)

At the request of our international clients, we have developed a “right-to-left” feature. It allows campaigns to be written in Dartagnan, in languages that are not read “left-to-right”, such as Arabic languages (Arabic, Farsi, etc.), Hebrew, and more.

As a result, your teams working with those markets will save a considerable amount of time, as they will just have one option to activate in order to be able to write messages and special offers directly in the “right” direction.

Left-to-right or right-to-left, it matters not. With Dartagnan, all of your campaigns will go in the direction of your ROI!

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