Back to School 2018: Your Marketing/CRM Calendar for the Last Quarter

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From September to December: a marketing and CRM calendar to round up all the important professional events and occasions for reaching out to your customers. To finish 2018 beautifully—and to give you some time to get organised.

Thank goodness you’ve had time to rest, work on your tan, and are feeling great! Because after this summer’s temperatures, there’s a hot Indian summer warming up for (e-)commerce, CRM, and marketing professionals. From September to December, between the exhibitions and conferences that should be on everyone’s calendars, and commercial events during which competition will be fierce in email inboxes, the quarter is going to be downright hot to the touch. But fear not, our calendar will help you prepare.

Marketing/CRM events for September 2018

Sept. 3: Back to School

You already know the drill: The little ones are on their way back to school, others on their way back to the office, and you’ve probably prepared your “back to school” emails long in advance. But just in case you’re still looking for inspiration, we recommend this Pinterest chart.

Sept. 10—12: Paris Retail Week

800 exhibitors, more than a dozen inspiring plenaries, and more than 150 workshops: if there is a date to save in a digital marketing professional’s September calendar, it’s definitely Paris Retail Week. Dartagnan will be there, of course, with our A-game on at stand X097.

📍Paris, Porte de Versailles

Sept. 12—13: Dmexco

This is the biggest digital marketing show in Germany, and nothing less. As it’s taking place at the same time as its competitor in Paris, you will unfortunately have to make a choice here. But with so many visitors (40,000), and a few more exhibitors (a thousand), Dmexco does make a strong argument.

📍Cologne, Koelmesse

Sept. 24—Oct. 2: Paris Fashion Week

For all textile and fashion marketers, Fashion Week, with its runways and backstages, is the occasion to put together their most inspiring emails of the year in an effort to really stand out. The attention of fashionistas is at its peak here!

Sept. 25: Retail Tech Forum

Whipped up by the sector’s top magazine (LSA), Retail Tech Forum is only a single day affair—but oh what a day it is: over a dozen keynotes concerning the digitalisation of points of sale, data and customer relationships, omnichannel strategy, and more. It’s a great occasion to keep up to date on all the latest trends and technologies, and to network with retail bigwigs.

📍Paris, Pavillon Royal

Sept. 27: Lengow Day

We’re already in our sixth year of this massive meetup organised by Lengow. The solutions publisher helps e-commerce shops reach international markets more easily and will be hosting a panoply of speakers from all horizons (Russia, Germany, Great Britain, and more). If export is your next frontier, go for it (and stay tuned—we’ll have more to share very soon).

📍Paris, Pavillon Gabriel

Sept. 25—28: IFTM Top Resa

September in Paris is the month for e-commerce businesses—but also tourism professionals, with more than 30,000 of them attending the IFTM Top Resa each year. In addition to discovering trending destinations, with a Hackathon, a startup contest, and more than 30 conferences dedicated to digital, you’ll be able to keep your finger hot on the pulse of all the innovations across the sector.

📍Paris, Porte de Versailles

Marketing/CRM events for October 2018

Oct. 9—10: Hubforum

The flagship event of the “digital think tank”, Hub Institute has everything needed to attract e-commerce and CRM pros. The theme this year? “No trust, no business”. In the post-GDPR email marketing world, it is definitely something we would all do good to keep in mind. The calibre of speakers, too, (advertisers like Club Med and Cdiscount, platforms like Facebook and Google, agencies, etc.) is certainly promising.

📍Paris, Maison de la Mutualité

Oct. 10—12: One to One Biarritz

An event that we love and know well here at Dartagnan after having participated many times. In a nutshell? One to One (previously iMedia Brand Summit) consists of three days of meetings and networking sessions between advertisers and digital marketing solution providers, in the form of one-to-one workshops. And with the beauty of the Basque coast at the beginning of autumn as a bonus, it is oh-so-very-tempting.

📍Biarritz, le Bellevue

Oct. 15: La Nuit du Commerce Connecté

A night to reward the best performers in connected commerce (service providers and retailers), selected by a prestigious jury (with representatives from Fnac Darty, But, Monoprix, Oui.Sncf, etc.): the concept of La Nuit du Commerce Connecté works well. You want proof? Well, this is its fifth year after all.

📍Paris, Théâtre de la Madeleine

Oct. 20—Nov. 5: Fall vacation

Major departures, even outside of the summer, are always a great occasion to communicate and “push” offers that are pertinent to your customers.

Oct. 23—25: #Conext

We’re not just saying this as locals, or because the city of Lille is more or less the “cradle” of French retail—but because, with 10,000 visitors, 200 exhibitors, and around 100 conferences, #Conext is one of the most important exhibitions dedicated to (e-)commerce outside of Paris. And, if you come, our offices are just a skip down the road.

📍Lille, Grand Palais

Oct. 31: Halloween

For at least twenty years, the holiday of All Hallows’ Eve has become a real commercial event across the world. Marketers in the toy, child, and entertainment domains have certainly been preparing and refining their most terrifying creations.

Illustration cartable - le calendrier des événements marketing et CRM - Dartagnan

Marketing/CRM events for November 2018

Nov. 1—4: KIKK Festival

Warmly recommended by our UX/design team, who are great fans of outbursts of digital creativity (and Belgian beer, of course), the KIKK Festival in Namur is the ideal place to send your graphic designers and AD for a chance to recharge. On the programme: workshops, conferences, and sources of inspiration for emails and landing pages that will truly enchant your customers!

📍Namur, divers lieux

Nov. 7—8: Customer Relationship and Marketing Meetings

Similar to Monaco’s One to One for e-commerce decision makers, Customer Relationship & Marketing Meetings in Cannes is a “speed dating” utopia for customer relationship and knowledge professionals. On the programme: 15-minute shotgun sessions to meet and evaluate your (future?) CRM solutions. Also: conferences to broadenn your horizons. Full disclosure: Dartagnan will be there!

📍Cannes, Palais du Festival et des Congrès

Nov. 11: Singles’ Day

Those who do business in China will know what this entails. For everyone else, we’ll simply say that this symbolic date (11/11, for lonely individuals), popularised by Alibaba, has become the day that matters most in terms of sales. All countries combined.

Nov. 14—15: MobileOne

“Concrete” exhibitions and meetings are all well and good. But sometimes, an event which serves to open the chakras isn’t a bad thing either. If, like any self-respecting digital marketer, you are on the lookout for mobility innovations and good practices, MobileOne (previously AppDays) and its renown speakers look to be a must-attend. And we know what we’re talking about, because we took part last year.

📍Aubervilliers, Les Docks de Paris

Nov. 15—16: Awwwards

The Cannes Festival for graphic arts, user experience, and digital innovation fanatics: Awwwards is a bit like that. 24 “talks” prepared with crazy care by bigwigs of the digital environment, and therefore a lot of teachings to be soaked up by creatives of every flavour.

📍New York, Alliance Française

Nov. 23: Black Friday

Do we really need to say more? This will only be the 4th time that the event comes to France, and it’s already emerged as one of the absolute peaks of the year’s activity—and the beginning of an intense period for all digital marketing professionals.

Nov. 26: Cyber Monday

Black Friday, the sequel…and not the end, because you’ll then have to link up your end-of-year operations. An occasion to think about a solution that will let you design high-quality email campaigns quickly, and which will make your CRM teams smile.

Marketing/CRM events for December 2018

Dec. 7 — 8: Futur.e.s

To invent the “techiest” and most creative festival of tomorrow: that’s the goal of Futur.e.s (which you might know by its former name: Futur en Seine). Have they lived up to their promise? It’s too early to judge, but with their labs, conferences blending scientists, thinkers, and entrepreneurs, and their thematic approaches (education, AI, environment), Futur.e.s is a tempting event to participate in.

📍Paris, Grande Halle de la Villette

Dec. 22—Jan. 7: Christmas season

December’s a bit miserly on events, isn’t it? It’s because organisers know that marketing, CRM, digital, and commerce professionals have a lot on their plate during this period: from big departures (December 22), to New Year’s Eve, with plenty of Christmas shopping thrown into the mix, everyone’s schedules are full enough as it is. So on that note…see you in 2019!

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