Litmus Live Conference 2017 – Five Reasons to Attend

Publié le : 29 August 2017 par Adrien Guilleminot

Following the event in Boston at the start of the month, the second Litmus Live Conference of the year will take place in London on August 29th and 30th. Featuring an exciting programme with some superb presenters, we wanted to give you a little taste of what to expect.

Ideas, innovations and inspiring keynotes—just a few of the reasons Litmus Live is a favourite event among #emailgeeks. Our email musketeers will be there and they can’t wait to share all their new knowledge! While you’re waiting for the conference to kick off, here are our top five reasons to attend Litmus Live.

1. Because it’s Litmus

Litmus is internationally renowned for their prowess in email preview and optimisation technology. Integrating a complex email design isn’t something that just anyone can do. Litmus allows its users to test their emails on a variety of different displays, devices and operating systems in a few simple clicks. In the world of email marketing, their conferences are the gold standard to which all others are compared. A survey at the last London event showed that 96% of participants wanted to come back and 99% would recommend the event to their friends.

2. There’s a ton to learn

A new edition means new ambitions—Litmus returns in 2017 with 80 guest experts who will lead a wide range of conferences and workshops focussing on email marketing. Coding, design, analysis, strategy, planning and workflow will be the key topics of the two-day event. Dartagnan is already planning our sessions for next year’s conference, with a whole bundle of material to share! Check out the full programme on the event’s website.

3. We’ll be learning right alongside you

After attending last year’s event, the Dartagnan team is coming back with a wealth of knowledge to share about the latest innovations in email marketing design, strategy and development. The conference features a wide range of workshops and our fearless musketeers are keen to attend and discover the latest and greatest industry developments and innovations.

4. Networking in London

1,300 participants have registered for the 2017 conference, making it a phenomenal opportunity to network and exchange ideas with passionate, like-minded individuals. Think Disneyland for email geeks! Following the #emailgeeks hashtag on social media throughout the conference is a great way to keep up with all the excitement. Dartagnan is eager to present our responsive email builder solution to the world—let us know if you’re planning to attend so that we can set up a meeting!

5. We’re sharing tips and tricks from our users

Dartagnan is organising an evening event in Paris shortly after Litmus Live 2017 to summarise all the best user feedback we’ve received. If you can’t make it, let us know and we’ll get you up to speed 😉

Remember, you can always follow our Twitter (#litmuslive), Instagram and Facebook throughout the course of the event.

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