Paris Retail Week — Exploring Three “Made in Dartgnan” Innovations

Publié le : 18 September 2017 par Christine Richard

Superior compatibility, enhanced interactivity and video embedding technology: Dartagnan will pre-sent our latest innovations during Paris Retail Week, Europe’s premiere retail convention.

With three exhibition halls (e-commerce Paris, Equipmag and Digital (in)Store), 30,000 participants and 250 conferences and workshops, Paris Retail Week is truly THE number one retail convention in Europe. From September 19th to the 21st, 600 different exhibitors will cover the latest advances in POS digitisation, customer appeal and logistical streamlining.

There’s no chance Dartagnan would miss this—after all, email marketing channels make up be-tween 20% and 30% of all sales revenue for connected businesses. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect to learn when you visit us at booth E065, situated in the Marketing, Data, and Customer Relationship section.

Emplacement E65

Constantly improving email compatibility

Marketing pros and #emailgeeks alike know that email deliverability is one the most important yet delicate issues in the industry. Here’s proof: the latest ReturnPath satisfaction scale results show that one in five commercial emails still fail to be successfully delivered.

New updates from key market players like Outlook as well as tech improvements like Gmail’s re-cent move towards responsive email compatibility have a direct impact on your results. It’s time to adapt.

At Dartagnan, we’re doing more than keeping up: we’ve been hard at work to continuously improve our platform’s compatibility with the recipients of your emails. The result? The latest version of our software ensures your responsive emails are compatible with over 95% of email clients. Don’t take our word for it; come down to our booth and see for yourself!

Enhanced interactivity leads to better reactivity

Getting an email into your audience’s inbox isn’t enough. You also need them to open it and visit your website! Unfortunately, the total amount of marketing emails opened is in decline throughout Europe, as is the number of website visits being generated. According to the latest Cheetah Digital study, average email reactivity rates hover around 10% to 15%, depending on the sector.

So what’s the solution? We believe it’s to spiff up design, improve interactivity and enhance the presentation and promotion of all email content. At Dartagnan, we’re adding to our arsenal of secret weapons to hook your audience with:

  • Carousels
  • Animation support
  • Loading time management

Our philosophy: to break down the barriers between email and website until every email is a “mini-site” within the email client. We can’t wait to show you how this works during the convention. It’s also a great opportunity to exchange and network with our diverse clientele in retail (FNAC, Kiabi, Boulanger), travel (Club Med, Evaneos, Marco Vasco), and finance (American Express, CIC) industries. Reach out and we’ll set up a meeting today!

(Real) video embedding

Data from our e-commerce clients makes this abundantly clear: if a web page contains video elements, visitors will spend 88% more time browsing and are 85% more likely to make a purchase. Our fearless email musketeers would never ignore such an excellent opportunity to light a fire un-der the ROI of our users!

We’ve been working in concert with the video experts at Novastream to develop our platform’s latest building block, which allows you to embed video content directly into your emails. We’re not talking about a still image that redirects the user to a browser-based web player either. We’re talk-ing about real video content that plays right on the spot, without having to leave the email client. With an extremely high level of compatibility across diverse email applications, this is a fantastic tool to multiply the number of emails opened, total browsing time and the reactivity of your market-ing campaigns!

We’ll give you more details concerning the fresh and exciting innovations happening here at Dartagnan in a future blog post. In the meantime, you can join us at Paris Retail Week for an exclusive first look.

Bonus: Awards and champagne

All of our musketeers are anxiously awaiting the final announcement of the Paris Retail Awards. Dartagnan made the shortlist in 2015, and we’re currently battling it out with two other solutions in the category of “Customer Relationship Management, from Lead to Client”. We’ll have a verdict on September 19th at 5.00 p.m. In the meantime, we have one thing to say to our competition adver-saries, Karios and Temelio: en garde!

Whether we win our not, visitors to the event are cordially invited to stop by our booth and join us for a cup of refreshing Flanders ale. As proud Lilloise, we love nothing more than a good beer shared!

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