Video, Animation and Interactivity—Innovative Methods to Enhance Email and Increase ROI

Publié le : 15 November 2017 par Damien Devisme

A first look at our AppDays 2017 workshop on the diverse benefits of unique and innovative email formats.

Electronic mail, or email as we all know it today, first came to be back in 1965. The now-ubiquitous @ symbol didn’t appear until 1972, and this year marks the 25th anniversary of many milestones in email presentation including colour, emoticons and the ability to use different fonts. Needless to say, email has been linked to marketing since its inception.

Email remains far and away one of the best marketing tools available, but there is always room for improvement—which is why we’re still innovating here in 2017. These days, any email worth its salt must be responsive, but there is a plethora of additional possibilities that take email to the next level. We’ll be showcasing many of them during our upcoming workshop at the AppDays conference.

Innovative email—more than just a “wow factor”

Dartagnan’s Lead Developer Thomas and our Lead UX Designer Damien will cover a wide range of new formats and options to enhance email marketing campaigns, such as cinemagraphs, video, transitions and navigable emails.

What are the advantages of these innovations aside from simple visual appeal? Perhaps you’ve heard of kinetic email design? Here’s a teaser of what our workshop will cover.

Cinemagraphs and video: winning the war of attention

Say you’ve perfected the deliverability of your emails. Maybe you’ve even optimised opening rates as well. But what happens after an email is opened? Your audience will give it their attention for, on average, 11.1 seconds. Finding a way to stretch this short window and thus increase profit generation is one of the biggest challenges facing email marketers today.

Thomas and Damien will highlight two techniques that allow you to do just that. Firstly, they’ll cover cinemagraphs, an animated image format that is woefully underused but perfectly suited to commercial email: elegant, attractive and extremely data-efficient.

Next up is video. One of the newest functionalities of our email builder is the ability to embed videos directly into your emails. Integrable in a few quick clicks and readable by the majority of email applications and clients (Orange, SFR Mail, Samsung Galaxy, iOS 10 and 11).

“Navigable” emails: achieving the highest possible conversion rate

Another key issue facing email marketing campaign directors and developers is maximisation of marketing conversion rates. Damien and Thomas will show you how to create emails designed like websites that lead the recipient to the desired landing page.

The principle? Creating emails that are both navigable and interactive through integrating mini webpages, carousels, hamburger buttons and more. This depth of integration allows customers to select options exactly as they would on an e-commerce page, leading them precisely where they want to go on your website.

Transitions and effects—amplifying your messages

Our workshop will also cover the different effects you can integrate into your email marketing campaigns. These days, email is so much more than a simple combination of images, text and links.

Fluid transitions, fade-ins and other visual effects on websites have improved by leaps and bounds in recent years—it’s time that email caught up! Our two experts will show you the techniques to make it happen.

The goal of our AppDays workshop is to breathe life into your email and create a more fluid and enjoyable customer experience. Covering both technical functions and user experience, this work-shop is sure to inspire your marketing creativity.

Conception, design and technicality: innovative enhancements for your responsive email” will be held on Wednesday, November 15th at 9.30 a.m. at Les Docks de Paris. Visit us afterwards at our tech counter in Haussman Dock.

Practical information can be found here.

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