Video Email: Polishing Your Marketing Campaigns with Dartagnan

Publié le : 19 October 2017 par Thomas Leroy

Direct integration of video in an email message, a.k.a. video email, has the greatest impact on read-ing time and reactivity for email marketing campaigns. It’s often seen as an insurmountably difficult task, but not for our brave email musketeers! We’re collaborating with NovaStream to make video email simple and straightforward for everyone.

Whether you’re already using the Dartagnan email builder or are simply a fan of this blog, you’re probably aware of the power of email marketing to:

Perhaps you’re more interested in creating video content. Rightly so—the medium has been proven highly effective by consumers.

Email + video = ROI

It’s a simple equation, but a lack of sufficient technology has prevented these two superb digital marketing tools from being harnessed to their full potential. Half-hearted attempts to integrate email and video fail to captivate their audience, such as still images of video players that redirect readers to a separate website.

Exemple de newsletter avec image fixe renvoyant vers une vidéo
This is NOT a video email

Despite previously subpar applications, studies show that email and video are the most effective tools of e-commerce marketing:

Lue directement dans l'email, la vidéo en améliore l'efficacité
Embedding videos that play directly in an email is an excellent method of maximising marketing impact

Dartagnan x NovaStream—properly integrated video email

Imagine if the marketing power of email and video were seamlessly combined. Now imagine that the meticulously scripted, filmed, produced and promoted video content on your websites and social media channels could be transferred directly to your customers’ inboxes. Our latest collaboration with the fine folks at NovaStream is turning this dream into a reality. Experts in online video management, our partners at NovaStream specialise in centralisation, multi-platform broadcasting and engagement data collection for their broad client base (including Leroy-Merlin, Allianz and Norauto).

Our co-developed solution builds upon the excellent compatibility of our responsive email builder with tools to embed and integrate videos directly into the majority of existing email clients (more than 90%), including Orange, SFR Mail, Samsung Galaxy, iOS 10 and the future iOS 11.

Our solution also provides tools that substitute animated GIFs and still image hyperlinks for embedded video content in the rare cases where an email client doesn’t support integrated video email.

L'email vidéo facilité
In partnership with NovaStream, the Dartagnan email builder facilitates easy email integration in just a few clicks.

How does this partnership benefit our users?

  • Seamless playback of directly embedded videos in the majority of email clients with our automatic video conversion software
  • Guaranteed deliverability and file size/video quality ratio optimisation
  • Maximum visibility of video content via high availability content delivery networks to minimise latency issues
  • Exponential speed and efficiency compared to manual conversion, as shown below
Infographie : la création d'un email vidéo avec Dartagnan vs sans
Dartagnan x Novasteam video email integration—saving time and ensuring quality control.

Much like our responsive email creation interface, this new software has been designed to be exceptionally user friendly, letting you focus on what’s important: added value for your product and your message.

“Our clients told us they were missing a solution that allowed them to harmonise their video content and broadcast it across a wide range of communication channels, including their email marketing campaigns. Our collaboration with NovaStream has resulted in a simple, elegant and effective solution to this problem, promising a new and exciting era of email marketing”.

Christine Richard, Founder and Director of Dartagnan

Excited to try us out or eager to learn more?

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